5 most common causes of skin acne

Acne is a disease that can leave skin scars on your face. Human skin has pores which are connected with oil glands under the skin. The glands are in turn connected to pores via follicles. These glands give rise to oily liquid and carry dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of the skin. Acne occurs when follicles get blocked and oil accumulation takes place under the skin. This disease can occur on the face, chest, back, shoulder and neck of both men and women. There are various myths surrounding the causes of acne but let’s put some light on scientifically proven facts and make a way towards healthy lifestyle.


Genes plays an accentuate role in making up your skin. You can always have a free conversation with your parents regarding their skin history and find out the similarities with your skin problems. Some people are blessed with beautiful and amazing skin and never encounter even one pimple in their whole life. They can sleep peacefully in the mud of land. What you can do to avoid your skincare problems is to go along with same treatments which your parents took under consideration. Chances are they might work for you too. If you still don’t find any solution then look for various natural acne treatments to help your skin.


Many scientists have conducted the research and believe that stress hormones can hamper your skin. There are certain sorts of steroid hormones like glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens get activated and cause acne breakouts. These hormones activate the oil gland and block the pores. For instance: College students have more acne problem during the exams than rest of the months.

Cosmetic products

People like to attend different occasions and events to celebrate life. For that purpose they invest some money in buying the cosmetic products to enhance their outlook. But there are times when these products hamper the skin for long period of time. Loud make up and usage of foundation on regular or uneven basis clogs the pores and gives rise to acne. So you should be carefully while making use of these products. Read the instructions properly before buying one. Do not panic as there are many skincare centres offering fraxel laser treatment in Melbourne.

Polluted Environment

On daily basis we step out of the house for fulfilling different requirements. Our skin comes in contact with dirty air and environment. At times it becomes highly intricate to avoid the heat of the sun and dust particles. The best way is to cover up your face with proper stole or mask to avoid acne outbreak. Make use of clean water for drinking and cleansing purpose. Give extra care to your skin and you will surely see the positive results after sometime.

Daily Diet

Our eating habits and food items intake can define us as a person in life. Keep an eye on your diet i.e. avoid consumption of junk and oily food. Some food items take more time to appear in the form of acne (may be 4 to 5 days) so eat fresh and healthy food. It’s not always necessary to encounter acne by eating habits but if you’re skin is allergic to certain food items but you should eat them in less quantity.

Combination of all of these or any of these above mentioned factors can lead to acne outbreak. So it’s always better to take prevention than cure. Moreover there are experienced and successful skin centres like Nitai Acne Treatment that can help for acne scar removal melbourne. The qualified and knowledgeable doctors will offer your right advice with brilliant acne treatment in Melbourne.

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