Benefits of Ayurveda Treatments for Menopause

One of the important phases in a woman’s life is to experience the stage of a menopause. A menopause basically is a new beginning in which they welcome a new and empowering phase of their life. However, this process marks the end of the reproductive functions that the ovaries exhibit. In other words, menopause marks the end of the menstrual periods which last in a woman’s life for 30 to 40 years or even longer depending upon the health and body.

Symptoms under Menopause 

A woman experiences high fatigue, sweating and hot flushes which lead to irregular menstrual periods which further leads to the ultimate ceasing of the periods. There are a lot more symptoms other than the above stated ones, such as forgetfulness, insomnia, lack of concentration, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, depression, weight gaining, sluggishness, constipation, bloating, hypertension, dry skin, vaginal dryness, recurrent urinary tract infection, incontinence, osteoporosis, joint and muscle pain.



There are a number of remedies in the field of Ayurveda which gives women excellent solutions along with successful results. A sudden transition into a menopause can be a lot painful and the symptoms might get to a woman’s nerves, but if you happen to take the ayurveda process, it can help you in receiving a safe yet happy transition into a menopause.

The natural Menopause treatment consists of Panchakarma which is the “five remedy process” that corrects the body’s’ dosha’ imbalances with an appropriate diet, medications and internal detoxification. All of these come under panchakarma treatment and are highly effective, if one is going through a sudden transition.

The Ayurveda says that every individual is unique in its own way, and with this every individual has different genetic needs, thus they can be different in those genetic makeup. Since the differentiation is caused through different body, it is not necessary for a woman to experience the same transition into a menopause. The symptoms as well as the experiences vary and can be different from each other’s.


How to take the Ayurvedic treatment?

It is highly quoted by the physicians as well as the doctors that the ayurvedic diet can be useful and effective in this vital change of processes. An ayurvedic diet should be dosha based which is easily digestible and should be rich in phyto estrojen, iron, calcium and vitamins.

The other ayurveda medicines in Melbourne are said to be the same in the field of medicines and does complete the whole system of recovery, if an individual takes it in the right manner i.e. the prescribed manner.

These medicines are prepared in an ayurvedic way with the help of decoctions, syrups, tablets and powders. All these ways help a woman to overcome the sudden transitions and its symptoms especially the “hot flushes”. Yoga and meditation are considered another aspect.

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