How to Get Rid of Acne Using Natural Remedies

The whole process of oozing out extra oil from the skin leads to clogging of skin and then breaking out of white and black heads along with pimples. We can follow the easy home remedies to get rid of these pimples and reduce the number of acne breakouts. The condition becomes more severe in the case of teenagers due to hormonal changes. People generally look for acne treatment centre in Melbourne to get rid of this in short duration of time span. We can easily fight with acne using simple home remedies.

  • Keeping a check on our diet

If the food we eat has lot of spices, oil, starch, or fat, can lead to acne. Foods such as potato chips, aerated soft drinks, chocolates and fatty foods should be avoided to have a clear skin. Consumption of these kinds of foods in excess in late night hours leads to deteriorated skin as the metabolism rate decreases and it leads to acne. To reduce the pimples and blackheads we simply need to keep a check on our diet. Eating healthy food items which include lot of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking ample amount of water reduces the chances of acne.

  • Food can be treated as  a natural panacea

As we reduce the unhealthy food from our diet, we reduce the chance of having acne. Also application applied a certain type of food products lead to reduction of ace. Used tea bags prove to be very effective for the reduction of acne. We can ease out the process by adding basil leaves to the boiling tea bags and applying them over the face after the solution cools down. Acne can also come under control if we rub orange and lemon peels over the affected skin. Papaya skin can also be used over the acne affected area for more increased affect. Mashed mint leaves mixed with cloves also reduces the eruption of acne on the skin. The best way to get naturally glowing, healthy skin is using a detox tea diet! If you too are in Australia, we recommend Tiny Wings Organic Tea for their slimming detox tea to flush out toxins through our skins for a healthier skin.

  • Using Ice as a cooling agent

To tighten the acne affected area or pores we can use ice over it to reduce the size of acne scars, white heads and big pores over the skin. Applying ice for 10-15 minute over the acne affected area reduces or tightens the pores easily. As cucumber is a good absorbent of oil, we can also put slices of cucumber over the eyes or grate it to apply over the acne affected areas. The extracted juice of cucumber tightens the acne pores. Also the usage of potato shreds over the skin reduces the acne to get on the skin.

  • Using Natural Oils/ Agents

Application of tea tree oil over the affected area reduces the oil on the face. We can eat fish on regular basis to control oil extracts of the skin as it is beneficial for keeping the skin clear. Drinking lot of water with lemon extracts lowers the chances of acne. Getting good sleep and living a tension free life to have a relaxed skin. Taking steam on regular basis opens up the pores to get rid of dirt and clogs.

Hence we can conclude that using home remedies and keeping hygiene reduces the chances of acne and we can keep a check on its growth. Following these simple remedies help to solve the acne disorder.

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