Prevent Acne with a Good Diet

With so many people being affected by acne it is only natural that we would be seeking answers. The answers may lie in the foods that we eat. First, what is acne? Acne is what forms when your pores become clogged by old skin cells; this is more likely when you have oily skin. The oiliness causes the cells to stick together thus clogging up the pore opening. This is only the start, combine the clogged pores with the bacteria on the skin plus a systemic inflammation and you have a recipe for disaster.

What are the contributors to acne?

Well, as I mentioned, oily skin is one, rapid cell division, delayed cell separation and death, bacteria on the skin surface and an inflammatory response. Can we control our acne with the foods that we eat? The best answer I can give is yes, this is the answer for some of us.

Low levels of vitamins C, E, zinc, selenium, and carotids might contribute to acne. These are the nutrients that help our bodies to fight free radicals that break down our skin elasticity. These vitamins also help to produce collagen, and repair skin damage. In order to get these vitamins in a way that will help your acne they should be eaten as whole foods.

Avoid processed foods, when you eat a meal filled with processed foods you have lots of insulin. What does that mean? Well, lots of insulin results in a vigorous growth in tissue and androgen production both of which contribute to acne. These foods often promote oxidative stress that results in inflammation.

Dairy foods also produce a high insulin response. They increase hormone levels in the body and alter inflammation, both of these things lead to unfavorable acne outcomes.
What can we do to help make acne better? Well, stay away from excess alcohol and eat healthy. Eat whole plant foods, do not over consume calories, eat Omega 3 fats and keep your GI tract in good working order. This means that you should consume the right amount of fiber in your diet. Some spices and fresh herbs are known to help keep your skin healthy. Cinnamon, ginger, turmeric along with fresh herbs like basil, oregano, and garlic are anti-inflammatory and immune system boosters. Not only that, but cinnamon can help regulate insulin.

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